melodee tonti


birthday candles are non-toxic, right?

So, in the morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed, made by my seven year old, Sophie. Sophie can't reach the microwave, so she brought me my oatmeal in the pouch for me to make at my convenience. :) She brought me unsweetened apple sauce, but made sure to include the cinnamon and sugar that she always sprinkles on hers. See it in the little mini cupcake paper? How freaking cute is that? She also brought me a banana, that, for some reason, was broken in half-ish. There is ice water in the travel mug... with "two handfuls of ice". (That is my favorite travel mug, by the way. It is a USMC mug, and was given to me by this lovely family, after I did a pre-deployment session for them.) Then, when I went downstairs, to make my "breakfast in bed"........I found this....

Sure, he covered my still hanging Steelers banner, but I think that is forgivable. And look at all of the crepe paper streamers.  All done at 6 am, before he left for work, with two delinquent cats trying to shred things as he worked. So, I think I may leave that banner up for a few days, what do you think? Even with my daughter triying to persuade me to take it down before her friends saw it, because it was "embarrassing".

Then we grabbed some dinner, and my husband was intent on getting frozen yogurt....which is a passable dessert on the diet healthy eating plan. We took our yogurt to the car, because I am anti-social like that...and there were candles and a lighter hidden in the back.  Ok, and frozen yogurt are not the best mix you can see by the melty-ness in the second shot....and maybe candles in a closed car are not the best idea ever.....and maybe wax is not an ideal frozen yogurt topping.....but we made it work.

At home, the crazy party continued...with hats.....

and these scary things..... which are the stuff that nightmares are made of.....

And so, I managed to survived another birthday....and I am so carrying those glasses in my camera bag from now on. Clients beware. :)

Song of the week....Rubik's Cube by Athlete.