melodee tonti


If Only They Were All This Easy...

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family on more than one occasion. In fact, I think this was session number four, if you include the homecoming, when Indigo came back from his deployment. Things have changed a little since then....Mari is expecting. I know you can't tell from looking at her, but she is due in about 7 weeks. That is no fancy photoshopping either. She really looks that good.

This sweet, little girl is Ailah. She has beautiful dark eyes, adorable, curly hair, and the sweetest personality. She completely blew my "two year olds are difficult to photograph" status quo right out of the water.

Ailah has a special blanket. She calls it "baboo".........

Ailah also likes her daddy to wrap her up in baboo, wearing it, as a dress. So cute. You will see that in the upcoming session slideshow.

Indigo and Mari, it was such a pleasure to see you all again. Give Sammie a scratch for me, I think I neglected her a little this session. Maybe I should bring her a treat when I drop off your dvd. :)