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Stress-free sessions with your family's unique needs in mind.

She has an artistic eye, always astounds me with the way she captures sentiment, and is an experienced photographer with special needs children. As most of our friends and family know about Declan’s unique autistic characteristics, I thought photos of him would be near impossible as he struggles with eye contact and is an extreme introvert. Melodee Tonti has literally shocked me after every session, with the images she captures. I love how she captures the essence of my kids in their natural state. The sessions are not posed or forced, and yet the images are breathtaking. I cannot recommend her enough to all families but for those who feel like their children’s special needs would make a session impossible, it most certainly is not.
— Jennifer P.
Jennifer and Declan

Jennifer and Declan

As a parent of children on the autism spectrum, and a person that is on the spectrum myself, I understand the challenges that families dealing with unique needs may face. I know that the thought of a photo session may seem overwhelming and out of reach. But I also know that with extra time, patience, and understanding, getting photos of your family is not only possible, but can be done without causing undue stress to you or your child. I will never force your child to pose or make eye contact with my camera. It is important to me that everyone is photographed in a way that is natural and comfortable. I understand that breaks may be necessary, and always allow for as much time as is needed, without rushing or looking at the clock. I have experience photographing families with a wide variety of needs, and I am not only committed to providing you with lovely photos, but also to making the experience of being photographed attainable and enjoyable for every family.

I'd love to talk more about photographing your unique and amazing family.