melodee tonti

day in the life photography

You never get the same moment twice in life. How effortlessly we forget this. We allow the rush of responsibility in our daily routine to dim the magic swirling all around.

But the magic is there. It surrounds us at every hour. It's disguised as dirty faces at the dinner table. Hidden in the cinnamon sprinkled on toast before school. Waiting in the untied shoestrings by the front door that offer freedom.

Something happens when you choose to see the beauty in your little world; when you take the time to hear the sound of those tiny footsteps down the hall at 6AM, you realize this is it. This IS your life. It's happening. All of the planning and saving and hoping for a better future could never take the place of what you have in this moment.

If you're reading this, let it be your little reminder to find the happiness in what you've been given. It may not be spotless or fancy, but it is yours to keep.

Show me the snacks and spilled milk, the after-bathtime snuggles, the under covers kisses and your nightly crusade to bring everything back to one before it begins again.

These sessions are for seeking beauty in the ordinary and finding the magic in the seemingly mundane. Every photo, a pause in the perfection of what is.

My heart is truly invested in helping you and your family stand in awe at the love in your life. everything.

This is Everything sessions are longer than my standard sessions, and are intended to document your life as it is in this moment. They are personal and as unique as your family.

Please contact me to talk more about scheduling your own This is Everything session.