melodee tonti


meet ronan


This weekend, I had the privilege of meeting Ronan and his parents. Ronan has just about the coolest glasses ever and appreciates naps as much as I do. His parents contacted me through an organization called Inspiration Through Art (formerly Littlest Heroes Project) should check them out, they are doing awesome things for kids with serious illnesses and lifelong disabilities. The extra cool thing is that the founder was only 17 when she started the whole thing. At 17, I was still ditching class and living on candy and Dr. Pepper. Ronan is a pretty tough, little guy. He has been proving that since the day he was born. Rather than me try to explain, you should check out his video.

Ronan had gotten up early, and was pretty sleepy for our session.....and he found watching the ferris wheel waaaaay more interesting than anything I was doing (who wouldn't?).....but he was a trooper. After a little cat nap, he was ready to impress, blowing raspberries and sitting up all by himself. the time a lot of you read this, it will be Ronan's first birthday! Happy birthday, Ronan!

Betsy, thank you so much for contacting me for this session. It was a pleasure meeting your family. :)