melodee tonti


What if it Rains When You Cash in Your Rain Check?

This session got rescheduled due to Southern California is far from the norm. Then, to make things worse, it rained on the day we rescheduled for too. Bah. But...since we were working within a limited time frame, because of an impending deployment, we made it work. And by we, of course, I mean they, because, as far as families go, they were pretty awesome. Although I am fairly certain that they think I am insane....which is probably the standard reaction people have when dealing with me now that I think about it. Which I am not. Well, not completely. Ok, maybe a little.

This is Gabbi and Mufasa. Um, Mufasa is the one on the left. :) I think Mufasa managed to find the one patch of light in the whole cats tend to do. I should have just followed him around to catch the good light...because it was dark...and rainy...and gloomy....and did I mention dark?

Dogs. :) Dogs are an awesome addition to any family session. See that dog giving Gabbi a big kiss? He managed to walk into the room, leave behind a very distinct aroma, and leave the room like nothing had ever happened. I smelled it first, and felt the need to point out that it was not from me. Because I may show up at your house for a session, and tell horrible jokes, dance badly, and say stupid thing after stupid thing...but I promise...I will never, ever fart in a manner that could clear a room. Ever. You're welcome.

Since I did this session, Eric has started another year long deployment. Thank you so much for your service to our country, Eric. And Jen, Ryan, and Gabbi....thank you so much for the sacrifices your family makes as well.