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If She Couldn't Convince Me.....

So many times, when women are around newborns, they talk about how it makes them want another baby. There is just something about their tiny, little fingers and toes that causes some sort of biological reaction. am not one of those women. :) I am perfectly content with living the rest of my life without ever holding a sleeping baby, of my own again. Never putting another itty bitty hat on a sweet little bald head. Never seeing the first real smile or hearing the first little belly laugh again. Um..yeah.....completely....fine...with... th...Ok, wait a minute.....I also will never have to clean up another diaper explosion......carry a diaper bag...or chisel hardened teething biscuit from a high chair tray, ever again. I will never walk around all day, with a spit up stain on my back, that I did not even know was there, until the cashier at Target pointed it out to me. Not that that ever happened to me or anything. Ahem.

So, while I am totally not ever going to fall prey to baby fever from holding a newborn, I do think they are pretty awesome. And this one was no exception.

Meet Madison. (Yes, Madison's mom and dad are in a few of these images too, but, I don't think it would hurt their feelings at all, if it were Madison that really captured your attention. :) )

Madison's mom, Leigh, has just started her own business, making baby blankets and burp cloths, and things, with a military theme. See the quilt she made in the third image up there? Be sure to go pay her a visit at Baby Battle Rattle.

[vimeo w=700&h=400]

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