melodee tonti


Hard to Stay a Grinch This Way

This session was done just a few days after this sailor got home from deployment. And in a few short hours, I will be heading out to another actual homecoming at Camp Pendleton. Just in time for the holidays. Awww. It is filling me with warm, gooey feelings, and Christmas spirit, and all of that crap. And now I even have "I'll Be Home For Christmas" stuck in my head. I hate it when things force me to stop being cranky and jaded. :)

Yeah, and a dad playing football and letting this little guy "tackle" him? Yeah, that doesn't help much either. Can't you just stop with all of the cute and let me be crotchety? (Is it just me, or is crotchety a funny word? Crotchety. Croootchety. See? Funny.)

And how can I be all grumbly when this little girl is doing this? Never mind how adorable she was doing her ballet.

And then.....although, you may not be able to tell it from this image....this one is a total crack up.

So, yeah....despite my best efforts to stay all aloof and unaffected....watching all of these families being reunited for the holidays is just not going to let that happen. So, thank you to this awesome family, and to all of the other military families who may or may not be celebrating Christmas on the same continent, and who make sacrifices, that most of us will never understand, everyday.