melodee tonti


Ch ch ch changes...

I have a lot of things changing in my life at the moment...a lot of things up in the air....a lot of unknowns...some new projects...some old problems. Change is everywhere. I am not a huge fan of change.....even when the current situation is not good...I still find comfort in the familiarity of it. But, like it or not, change happens..... including my daughter somehow turning from a little girl into a "big girl".....Not sure how that happened. Maybe it was losing the teeth. She has 3 big kid teeth already coming in.....Maybe it was her hair getting long...finally. She had practically no hair for the first two years of her life....Maybe she got taller? Thinner? Who knows? are going to have to bear with my gratuitous,  mom-ish picture sharing, because, this change is the only change I can see the beauty in at the moment, so I am taking the time to enjoy it.

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