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Operation: Love ReUnited - Foehl Homecoming

Stephanie was actually, the first person to contact me after I signed up for Op:Love. I have been excited for this homecoming since January! Let's get right to it.....

Stephanie gets a text from her husband saying they have landed and are on their way!


How cute is her sign? And she has signs on their condo too. Which her husband would be seeing for the first time! See the cute purse? Yeah, both that sign and that cute purse got ditched the second she spotted her husband. :) She left the purse about 30 feet away in the middle of the crowd, and dropped the sign, I think before her husband even got to read it! Priorites, right Stephanie? Purse? What purse? My husband is home! :)


This homecoming was so odd. Without the buses pulling up or anything, a couple of men came walking from behind the building. Before anyone could figure out what was going on, Stephanie spotted her husband! Keep in mind it that, although it doesn't look it, it was almost completely dark when these images were taken.

Like this dark.....


Which made me sad, because you should have seen the beautiful light (and sunset) just a half an hour or so earlier. :( Oh well!

He's home!







Welcome home, 1st Lt. Foehl!